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General Orthopedics

Orthopedic surgeons in our clinic can treat patients with almost any injury. However, they cannot treat patients with back injuries, patients requiring ankle or shoulder replacements, or chronic WCB patients. To be seen by one of our doctors you must have a referral from a physician.


When it is your turn to be scheduled for a consultation you will be contacted directly by our office for an appointment. Wait times for an appointment vary, your doctor's office will be notified of the timeline once we receive your referral.  

For the consultation appointment, you will need to bring a list of your current medications, a healthcare card, and this form below. 


After you have met with an orthopedic surgeon and agreed on surgery there is multiple steps required prior to surgery taking place;

  • Have your family doctor complete a preoperative questionnaire and send it to the hospital. Most local family physicians will have this form already for patients

  • Stop Smoking; smoking has many consequences related to surgery including increased risk of malunion or nonunion of fractures, impaired wound healing, and possibly even heart attack. There are many resources available to help you quit, talk to your surgeon or family doctor.

  • If you are required to meet with an anesthetist before surgery, the OR booking office will call you directly to schedule that appointment. You will be made aware if this appointment is required at your consultation with the orthopedic surgeon. 

More instructions will be given to you by the OR booking office when contacted for a surgery date. 


Physiotherapy  has been proven to aide in the healing of an injury or chronic pain. Contact your local physiotherapy clinic for appointments. Alternatively, below are basic exercises. Any questions regarding these should be directed to your general practitioner, surgeon, or clinic nurse.

Here is a list of physiotherapists in the surrounding areas. All questions regarding fees and prices need to be directed to the individual physiotherapy clinics.


Another option potentially beneficial for some injuries or chronic conditions is bracing. Meridian Clinic has a bracing technician available to fit a variety of both custom and off the shelf brace. All brace fittings must be appointment-based and require a referral from a doctor.

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