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Orthopedics For Doctors

Our orthopedic surgeons can provide treatment for a vast majority of injuries. However, at this time they are unable to provide treatment for back injuries, ankle or shoulder replacements, and chronic WCB injuries.

 In order for patients to be seen by our specialists, the sending physician is required to properly refer their patient as indicated below.

Trauma & Urgent Patients: Trauma and urgent referrals require a phone call and discussion with the on-call orthopedic surgeon. If local orthopedic is not on call, referral to appropriate provincial intake may be necessary. This ensures patients are being seen and treated by specialist in an appropriate timeline. An on call list is available via Lloydminster Hospital. 

Chronic Patients: Meridian Clinic has joined the Alberta Facilitated Access to Specialized Treatment program (FAST). All routine referrals for Alberta residing patients must be sent through FAST. Referrals can be sent in written format. All referrals must include physician assessment, past and present treatments, as well as all reports for diagnostic imaging completed within the past year. The patient referral will be triaged by the orthopedic surgeons. If accepted, the referring physicians office will be notified with anticipated wait times. If patient unable to wait the given wait time, the sending physician will need to follow Urgent referral protocol as indicated above.

Hip & Knee Arthroplasty: Patients with osteoarthritis of the hip or knee, and determined appropriate for arthroplasty by the sending physician, are to be referred to the Hip and Knee Clinic. If the patient resides in Alberta the referral must be sent to FAST and it will be sent to the hip and knee screening clinic through them. The "Hip and Knee Clinic Scoring Tool" (attached as PDF file below) is required to be completed by sending physician and sent with referral. Once referral is received the Hip and Knee Clinic will notify patient of appointment. At that screening appointment our team of physiotherapists will see patient for assessment. If patient is deemed surgical, Meridian Clinic will contact patient and referring physician with a date for a consultation with one of our orthopedic surgeons.

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