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Hip and Knee Replacements

Having a hip or knee replacement is a major surgery that requires a lot of work pre and post-surgery by both patient and surgeon.


Surgery Process: To start the process your family doctor will send a referral to the hip and knee screening clinic. If you are deemed surgical by the Hip and Knee Clinic, Meridian Clinic will contact you for an appointment for a consultation with an orthopedic surgeon. The surgeon will discuss the surgery, risks, and address any questions or concerns you may have. Once the paperwork is completed you will be put on the surgery wait list. When a surgery date becomes available the hospital will contact you directly with further instructions.

Pre Surgery: All patients are required to have a preoperative questionnaire filled out by their family doctor and sent to the hospital. If your doctor is local they should have a copy of the form already. All joint replacement patients will need to attend PAC appointment with an anesthetist prior surgery, where anesthetic options will be discussed. This surgery does require overnight stay in hospital for approx 1-2 nights. We recommend all replacement patients obtain a Cold Rush machine (cryotherapy) to use for post-operative care. 

Post Surgery: Recovery can take up to six months. However, every patient is different and recovery varies for each patient. Post Op may bring some mobility challenges. Family or friend support and mobility aide (two wheeled walker) will be required. Patients are seen at our clinic for follow-up at 2, 6, and 12 weeks post surgery. You will not be able to drive after surgery for 6 and 12 weeks. It is important to have at least one support person to help you get to appointments and physiotherapy. 

Most questions can be answered by the hip and knee screening clinic, at the consultation appointment with the surgeon, or the appointment with the anesthetist. Meridian Clinic Administrative Staff are very knowledgeable and are available by phone for further assistance. 

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