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Patients who have experienced orthopedic trauma or require urgent orthopedic care will be followed up by appointment with orthopedic surgeon in our Cast Clinic. 

Also available is our Minor Injury Clinic with emergency care physician, Dr. C. Van Vuuren, MB, ChB, CCFP. Patients, with orthopedic injury that do not require care by orthopedic surgeon, will be seen by appointment.
With an advance orthopedic specialized nurse and x-ray within the facility, we can appropriately provide continued trauma care.


To be seen in our cast clinic or minor injury clinic a referral from a physician is required. 


Cast Care

Rest Ice Compression Elevation (RICE)

It is very important all casts are kept dry at all times. If you have a cast that gets wet it needs to be assessed and possibly changed by the provider that applied it, or your nearest ER.  

Do not stick anything inside your cast to scratch that itch! Use a blow dryer on the coolest setting and blow the cool air inside your cast on either end.

It is important to ice affected limbs. Do not apply ice directly to skin, leave on for 15-20 mins then removed for 30 mins. If applying ice over cast you can leave in place for 30 mins and then remove for 30 mins.

Do not modify or remove any parts of your cast, rough edges can be filed down with a small, non electric, nail file. 

If your cast feels too tight elevate your affected limb ABOVE the level of the heart for at least 30 mins. As well wiggle fingers and toes to encourage circulation.  Return to provider that applied your cast or your nearest ER if you experience: continuous tingling to affected limb, affected extremity is cooler than non affected, or if an increase in redness/swelling that does not improve after 30 mins of elevating affected limb above level of heart.

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